Xlin-SMT has been focusing on the SMT field for 15+ years.

We have a complete SMT equipment supply chain of major brands in the market, and an inventory of thousands of spare parts. We have been committed to meeting the needs of customers and partners. Providing the best solution, helps customers reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Welcome to Xlin-SMT world!

Xlin-SMT has been focusing on the SMT field for 15+ years。

We are committed to providing the sales of a full range of accessories for SMT equipment. The core accessories cover all kinds of printing machines, placement machines, AOI, SPI, X-RAY, plug-in machines, reflow ovens, wave soldering, cutting machines, etc., with tens of thousands of spare parts in stock. variety, great price advantage, fast delivery and strong after-sales force.

Why Choose Us

We take quality, service and innovation as the business philosophy, take honesty as the foundation, strive for survival on the basis of quality, seek development on the basis of innovation, improve the management level internally and enhance the competitiveness externally. We will be customer-centric, and continue to provide customers with high-tech, high-quality, high-efficiency products and services.

The core advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects

1. Price advantage: With huge inventory, we have specialized in the SMT industry for nearly 20 years. Customers and suppliers are all over the world, and we have accumulated a large number of industry resources. We can directly purchase accessories from ASM and many SMT factories. The huge purchase quantity leads to a very large price advantage.

2. Quality advantage: Dozens of senior SMT engineers provide maintenance and inspection of accessories. All accessories are tested by professional engineers before shipment. At the same time, they are equipped with industry-leading placement machines to test the functions of various accessories, and more HCS, XFVS, MAPPING, ACT and other testing instruments and calibration tools strictly implement various testing indicators to ensure 100% product quality.

3. After-sales advantages: dozens of senior SMT engineers, strong technical strength, can be on duty as quickly as you need, because there are tens of thousands of accessories in stock, once the accessories on the equipment have any faults, we can Provide quality products for you to use quickly, without delaying the golden time of customers by looking for goods everywhere. In addition, we have opened day shifts and night shifts, operating 24 hours a day, and can provide free technical hotline support at any time. You can contact us anytime you need, We will serve you wholeheartedly.


Our value

We always adhere to the customer demand-oriented and the mission of solving the customer's pain points and difficulties. We are committed to helping all SMT factory customers reduce costs, improve efficiency, and provide one-stop equipment, accessories, maintenance and training services. It is our unswerving dream and pursuit to continuously create profits for customers.


Our team

Employees are our biggest asset. It is their hard work and silent dedication that make Xinling a dark horse in the industry. From technology to business to logistics, everyone in our team is an outstanding person in the industry. We are confident and capable of helping our customers reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase profits. Around this purpose, we will continue to deepen the enterprise spirit of the community of interests and the community of destiny.


Our customers

The company's 16 years of accumulation and precipitation have established customer relationships all over the world. Our customers include Flextronics, Bosch group, Continental group, Valeo, Bellevue, AT&S, Foxconn, LUXSHARE, BYD, USI, Amkor, Jcet, Huatian, etc. driven by a large number of customers' orders, the company maintains a growth rate of more than 30% every year and strides forward. The company is brave to take the lead, strive to develop and forge ahead, Constantly innovate, take integrity as the foundation, rely on quality for survival, improve the management level internally, improve the competitiveness externally, focus on customers, always walk in the forefront of the industry, and constantly provide high-tech, high-quality and efficient products and services.


Our vision

A vision of enterprise development and growth, a great dream of national rejuvenation, is bursting out with passion. We will, with the determination and will of "cutting through thorns and thorns, breaking through difficulties, and forging glory through wind and waves", promote the spirit of craftsman, be a century old enterprise, work hard and unswervingly.

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