SMT Spare Parts Double 8mm Feeder 00141269 for Asm Chip Mounter in Stock

SMT Spare Parts Double 8mm Feeder 00141269 for ASM chip mounter in stockComprehensive ASM Feeder ca

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SMT Spare Parts Double 8mm Feeder  00141269 for ASM chip mounter in stock

Comprehensive ASM Feeder category for your reference:
and the below ASM feeders are available
ASM SMT Feeder X 4mm0014 1268
ASM SMT Feeder X Single 8mm00141270  00141370  00141500  00141290  00141390
ASM SMT Feeder X Double 8mm00141269  00141289 
ASM SMT Feeder X 12mm00141271  00141371  00141291  00141391
ASM SMT Feeder X 16mm00141272  00141372  00141292  00141392
ASM SMT Feeder X 24mm00141273  00141293
ASM SMT Feeder X 32mm00141374  00141394 
ASM SMT Feeder X 44mm00141275  00141395
ASM SMT Feeder X 56mm00141276  00141396
ASM SMT Feeder X 72mm00141277  00141297
ASM SMT Feeder X 88mm00141278  00141298

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Our Advantages:

1st,We have strict inspection standards for the quality of our products, which has formed a high-standard process system;

2nd,We have a strong price advantage, absolute price advantage is the best choice for customers;

3rd, our business philosophy: "Customer first, Quality first " Principle;

4th, We are a big international brand level agents and over the years we accumulated a high quality customer resources;

5th, We have a global sourcing, huge demand we can reduce the purchase cost. More new accessories supply to ensure our sustainable supply and price advantage.

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Xlin's customer in 30 countries around the world
We have been helping customers to build a lot of new factories around the world.
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1. What products can you provide? 
Placement Machine Feeder, SMT Placement Machine, SMT AOI, SMT SPI, SMT Stencil Printer, SMT Reflow Oven, SMT X-Ray, SMT Feeder, SMT Nozzle, LED Pick & Place Machine, Wave Soldering Machine, SMT Coating Machine, SMT Cleaning Machine, SMT Label Mounter, PCB Cutting Machine, PCB Laser Printer Machine, PCB Handling Machine, SMT Mounter Sales: Placement Machine, Placement Machine Accessories, SMT Accessories.

2. Can I get a sample? what is your MOQ?
Yes, sample is available, our MOQ is 1 piece 

3. How long will it take to deliver the goods?
About 1 to 7 working days. 

4. What kinds of brands of parts can you provide? 
We have Fuji, Juki, Yamaha, Samsung, Panaconic, Siemens, Universal, Hitachi etc.

5. What is the warranty of feeders?
We provide 6 months` warranty on new feeders and 3 months on Second hand Feeders, actual life depends on working and maintanance. If feeder can not work after newly received , free repalcement would be sent immediately or refund

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                    24 hrs online, quick response, guaranteed warranty for you :))
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