Panasonic SMT Spare Parts Computer Box KXFP5WBAA00 in stock

We also supply following Panasonic Spare parts :Part number of spare partsDescriptionConditionKXF0DWQ2A00POSToriginal newKXFB058WA00SPACERoriginal newKXF04ETAA00SCREWoriginal newKXFB02J0A00BRACKETorig

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We also supply following Panasonic Spare parts :

Part number of spare partsDescriptionCondition
KXF0DWQ2A00POSToriginal new
KXFB058WA00SPACERoriginal new
KXF04ETAA00SCREWoriginal new
KXFB02J0A00BRACKEToriginal new
KXF04Z8AA00EYE-BOLToriginal new
KXF0DTYAA00CAPoriginal new
KXF0DMAAA00CUTTERoriginal new
KXFX037CA00Z Unit(Multi-Functional heads): CM402op original new
KXFX036DA00Feeder Cart Support Unit: CM402-Loriginal new
KXFX03KKA00Board Conveyor :DT401-Foriginal new
KXFX036TA00Ceramic PCB Capable(FR Ref,R>>L/INR Reforiginal new
KXFX036JA00Board Holder: CM402-Loriginal new
KXFX036YA00Up Stream Extension Conveyor: CM402-L oporiginal new
KXFX036ZA00Down Stream Extension Conveyor: CM402-Loriginal new
KXFX037DA00Lead Checker:CM402-Loriginal new
KXFX036PA00Feeder Cart: CM402-Loriginal new
KXFX036QA00Transport Line 950 mm Support for Feederoriginal new
KXFX036RA00Unit for Bulk Feeder:CM402-Loriginal new

1. Panasonic pick and place machine
NPM series: NPM-D1, NPM-D2, NPM-D3, NPM-W, NPM-W2
CM series: CM602,CM401,CM202DH,CM301-D

2. Panasonic SMT feeder

CM602/CM402 8mm feeder:              KXFW1KS5A00/FA0210M0000 sensor, 
                                                           KXFW1KSBA00/FA0010M0000 no sensor

CM602/CM402 12mm/16mm feeder: KXFW1KS6A00/FA0220M0000 sensor,
                                                            KXFW1KSCA00/FA0020M0000 no sensor

CM602/CM402 24mm/32mm feeder: KXFW1KS7A00 sensor,  
                                                           N610133538AA/KXFW1KSDA00 no sensor

CM602/CM402 44mm/56mm feeder: KXFW1KS8A00 sensor
                                                            N610133540AA/KXFW1KSEA00/KXFW1L0TA00 no sensor

CM602/CM402 72mm feeder:            KXFW1KS9A00 sensor
                                                            KXFW1KSFA00/ FA0050M0000 no sensor
CM602/CM402 POP:                          N610095856AA

3. Nozzle
MV2F FVB 102247818104 NOZZLE
N610119480AB N610119480AD CM602230CSN  NOZZLE
CM202/CM301/402NPM/DT401/CM212 NOZZLE
CM402 110 NOZZLE

4. Lubricating oil
THK rail Lubricating oil, TRI-flow nozzle Lubricating oil, WO-520 nozzle cleaning agent, white oil, high temperature chain oil

5. Shaft rod
NPM-D1shaft rod, NPM-D2 shaft rod, NPM-D3 shaft rod, NPM-W shaft rod, NPM-W2 slide rail slider

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