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We also supply following Siemens Spare parts :00341780-02DP Motor03058627-02 CP20A DP Motor03102532-01CP20P DP Motor03050314S03 CPP DP Motro03072785S01 CP20A Generator03106620S01CP20P Generator0315282

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We also supply following Siemens Spare parts :

00341780-02DP Motor03058627-02 CP20A DP Motor
03102532-01CP20P DP Motor03050314S03 CPP DP Motro
03072785S01 CP20A Generator03106620S01CP20P Generator
03152828S01CPP Generator03055438-01CPP Generator
03058802-02TH Generator03038908S01Z-axis Motor
03058631-02 CP20A Z-axis Motor03061102S01 CP Z-axis Motor
03005123S01 CP20A Distributor03081381-01 CPP Distributor
03058629-01 CP20A Round Plate control unit03115167-01 CPP Disc control unit
03003426S02  Camera 23 Component03054153-04  2003 Nozzle
03013307-01   1001Nozzle03057850S03     2007 Nozzle
03054923-03 2033 Nozzle03059921S032038 Nozzle
03083001S03CP20A Component Sensor03037106-01  CPP Component Sensor
03092400-02CP20P Sensor03133310-01  P2 Sensor
03039099-01CPP Sliding block03060811-01TSP 400 track board
03087642-01  TSP 420 Track board03055072-01Head Board
03054790S01CPP SCS Control Card03115454-01Image Card
03057377S02WPC Control Card03037845-01     CP20A Round Holder
03091256-01X-axis grading scale03091255-02Y-axis grading scale
03092666-02 Track Solenoid valve03092667S03Track Solenoid valve
03059084-01Y-axis Sliding block03109668-01HCU
03052200-01GCU Computer03059666-01 FCU
03059623-01FCU03079685-02Ring RACE
03002942-01Shield Card03083835-01New mode DP Motor
03093314-01 Track Belt

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Guangdong Xinling Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-end brand manufacturer of fully automatic AOI visual inspection equipment, which integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. 
and we are the leading SMT machines and solution with 10 years' experience in China. and we are aslo the only Chinese SMT supplier for ASM factory in China.


Our Advantages:

1st,We have strict inspection standards for the quality of our products, which has formed a high-standard process system;

2nd,We have a strong price advantage, absolute price advantage is the best choice for customers;

3rd, our business philosophy: "Customer first, Quality first " Principle;

4th, We are a big international brand level agents and over the years we accumulated a high quality customer resources;

5th, We have a global sourcing, huge demand we can reduce the purchase cost. More new accessories supply to ensure our sustainable supply and price advantage.

Successful Experience:
Xlin's customer in 30 countries around the world
We have been helping customers to build a lot of new factories around the world.
We hope Became the most reliable Chinese partner for you.


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