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ASM Placement Machine Parts Repair

Views:258Update time:2022-10-10

Xlin-smt specializes in repairing ASM placement machine heads, DP motors, Z-axis motors, sliders, component sensors, feeders, cameras, etc.

Guangdong Xinling Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in repairing ASM placement machine accessories and ASM placement machine working heads for 15 years. It has professional equipment and instruments to test, and issues authoritative test reports. CP20M/CPP/CPP M/TH/RV12/RV6/CP14 etc.

Placement head333

If customers do not have safety stock, they can borrow accessories such as patch heads or sensors from us.

There are a large number of new original SMT heads in stock for a long time, and the original second-hand test OK SMD heads can be rented and sold, with great price advantage and fast delivery. We are committed to reducing costs and improving the SMT manufacturing enterprises that use ASM placement machines. Production efficiency, long-term technical services for equipment, we have expert-level engineers who can provide equipment repair, maintenance, modification, CPK test, MAPPING calibration, production efficiency improvement, board motor repair, feeder repair, SMT head repair, technical training One-stop service.

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